10 Life Lessons From Gary Vaynerchuk

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Life Lessons From Gary Vaynerchuk

10 Life Lessons From Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk has been one of my main role models the past few years. In this blog post, I share 10 Life Lessons I have learnt from Gary.

1. Know Yourself

One of the things that Gary Vaynerchuk stresses a lot is to be self-aware. Know yourself. Know how you were raised, why and how that voice in your head came there, what are your values, what do you want to achieve, and most important of all: your why.

Self-awareness leads to happiness, because you will know what makes you happy. Self-awareness leads to success, because you will know what your talents are and how to develop the skills around it.

Walk the path of self-awareness and know yourself.

2. Macro Patience. Micro Speed

Gary Vaynerchuk build a model around delayed gratification: Macro Patience. Micro Speed.

What does this mean? Let’s start with the Macro Patience. The Macro Patience is all about your vision and end-goals. It is knowing where you are heading and being patient in the process. With patience Gary does not mean to sit around and do nothing. No. He means that you put in the work every day but do not expect any significant returns in the short-term.

Which can be nicely followed up by Micro Speed. In the Macro you are patient. But in the day to day work, you have to be fast. You see a task that needs to be finished? Go do it. Someone contacts you? Reply back. There is a problem? Fix it. That is where the Micro Speed is all about.

Macro Patience, Micro Speed is daily execution without any short-term expectations. Most people have this the other way around. They want their long-term goals fast, while they are lazy in the short-term and do not execute. Have it the good way around. Macro Patience. Micro Speed.

3. Be Grateful

A word that Gary Vaynerchuk throws around a lot is: Gratitude. He calls this his main source of energy. Having things in perspective and being grateful for what you have, can give you all the energy you need.

If someone complains or is negative it is just a lack of perspective, according to Gary. Which I totally agree with. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for the things you can control. And find your peace in the things you do not control and be grateful for the opportunities they can still present.

Be grateful.

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is the biggest building block when it comes to success. There is not a single person on this world who got successful without being consistent.

Gary Vaynerchuk taught me to ‘eat shit and be patient’. Which you can translate to: do not live fancy, do not buy things you do not need and do not make you happy, and keep working towards your north star. Day in, day out.

Be consistent and let your actions map to your ambitions.

5. Stop Overthinking Things

People can be insecure. And once you are insecure you start overthinking things. That is what a lot of artists experience. They want to make it perfect. That is ego.

“If the internet is where people’s attention is, and you got music, post it on Instagram now. You have nine followers? Start it! Everybody thinks you need a million followers. But what if one your one follower is Jay-Z? It is not about how many. It is about who and what they can do!” (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Stop overthinking things and share your talent with the world. The art of delivering is way more important than the art of perfection.

6. Legacy Is Greater Than Currency

Legacy is greater than currency. Such a great phrase that Gary Vaynerchuk shares a lot. From the get go Gary was always focused on his long-term goals and legacy to become the biggest wine retailer in the world. That was his entire thought process. He payed himself almost nothing even though the company was growing like crazy. He let employees go on vacation and sacrificed his vacation time.

All your decisions have to align with your long-term legacy. It cannot be about the dollars you want to keep in your own pocket. If you are a hustler and a hard worker, put everything in your personal brand and your legacy.

How are people going to view you when you leave this world?

7. Love The Climb

Gary Vaynerchuk was on top of the wine game and then he left, because he won and did not want to do it anymore. He went into marketing and the first article they wrote about him came down to this: ‘Twitter boy thinks he is going to come and win Madison Avenue, hahaha’.

Guess what? They are not laughing anymore. And why is that? Well, Gary loves the process. He likes to be the underdog and he loves the climb. Which is a very important life lesson, because we all know the feeling of being underestimated. This can make you feel less valuable. This is for a lot of people demotivating, however, they should make it as one of their biggest motivations.

Besides that, if you embrace and appreciate the underdog status you can experience the climb to the fullest. The start of a process if something beautiful, so fall in love with it. Love the climb.

8. Stop Complaining

Stop complaining is a life lesson that kind of matches with the third point: be grateful. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, complaining is the biggest waste of energy. Besides that, he is convinced that people that are complain just lack perspective.

“400 Trillion to one. The chance of being born. When you understand that math, how can’t you live your life? You have been given this ridiculous triple miracle. You have one at bat, please do something about it.

We are living through the greatest era to be alive, ever. Yes, there’s stuff. I got news for you: there is always stuff. But when you take control of your at bat, when you put it all on yourself, when it is your fault, and your wins, when you own it, that is when it starts happening.” (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Stop complaining.

9. Empathy

As en entrepreneur, founder and CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk throws a word around which you do not hear a lot: Empathy. He even made his own wine which is labeled as ‘Empathy Wine’.

I have always admired this about Gary, because he runs so many things while still taking the time to respond to people on his social media, to meet with as many employees as possible to see if he can help them in any way, and most of all: the humility that comes with it.

Being empathetic towards others means you are humble and this is a wise lesson for everyone.

10. Do Not Live In The Middle

“The number one mistake that people are making in life today, and it is just so unbelievably obvious, is that they live life in the middle.”

What does Gary Vaynerchuk mean by this? Well, most people do things mediocre. They do not go all in. Gary taught me to stop living in the middle. You either do something, or you do not.

This advice made me more thoughtful about the macro’s and micro’s in my life. It made me more selective about where I want to put my time and energy towards.

Gary Vaynerchuk Originals

I am not a big fan of motivational videos, but there are a few videos by Gary Vaynerchuk which I have seen a lot. Maybe they will bring some value and life lessons to you as well.

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