7 Life Lessons From Andy Frisella

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Life Lessons From Andy Frisella

7 Life Lessons From Andy Frisella

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Andy Frisella is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, host of the MFCEO project and a guy that just wants to win everything in life. Not just win, but DOMINATE. In this blog post I will share 7 life lessons I have learned from him.

1. Write your story

If there is one quote by Andy Frisella that always fires me up, it is the next one:
“Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think how great your story will be.”

When you face your obstacles the little voice in your head can be really daunting and it can make you start doubting yourself in the processes you are going through. This quote can really help you to overcome that feeling and put that negative voice to rest.

The best written stories are the stories about the person who has a messed-up life, or messes up his life, and then gets his act together. That is the classical hero’s journey. Follow it. Become the hero you are supposed to be and write your story, no matter how hard the journey is.

2. Turn your pain into productive action

People who are working on hard things need to learn how to use pain. However, most people experience pain as something that is unpleasant and which they cannot get anything positive out of. According to Andy Frisella, people that succeed understand that pain teaches them to level up. Which is a whole different outlook on pain.

Andy Frisella taught me to experience the pain and acknowledging that it sucks, but then put it into productive action. You can use the huge embarrassing moments you experience as fuel for years to come. Start using pain wisely.

3. See conflict as an opportunity

Conflict is something most of us experience us unpleasant and therefore we try to avoid it. Andy Frisella will change your thoughts on this however. He sees conflict as an opportunity.

Average people look at conflict as a negative thing. They dwell on it. They try to avoid it. Successful people look at conflict as an opportunity to grow. They see a purpose in every conflict they face. You should do the same. See conflict as an opportunity.

4. Stop believing in luck

If there is one pattern throughout all high achievers, it is that they do not believe in luck. They just simply focus on the things that matter to their long-term vision and do the work. Andy Frisella hammers a lot on the fact that everyone should stop believing in luck and start focusing on putting in effort instead.

Besides that, he also has a strong opinion on anyone who falls back on the word ‘luck’. When you see big things, you hear big things, you see people who do big things and automatically say: wow that person is so lucky, wow it is just pure luck that that happened. That is actually really insulting to someone who did work until their eyes started bleeding.

Instead of using the word ‘luck’, Andy Frisella asks you one thing: to substitute the word ‘luck’ for ‘fortunate’. Stop saying: Wow, that guy is so lucky! Start saying: Wow, that guy is so fortunate! There is a big difference in how that sounds and what that means. It is not insulting to someone else and it also instills something into your believe system.

When you use the word luck, it means you believe in luck. That tells that you believe that some things are not in your control. But guess what? They are. When you use the word fortunate it tells that you believe that everyone is in control and the consequences of your actions are also in your control.

So, stop believing in luck. Just do the work. And start using the word fortunate instead of luck.

5. Visualize the hardships of your competition

When things get hard Andy Frisella does not think “Ah man, things are just way too hard”. He frames his thoughts to think about it like this: “It is real hard right now dude, but here is the thing. Right now is when everybody else quits, right now is when everyone else falls behind. Right now is when everybody else decides to do something easier.” And that is what gets you ahead. It gives you that extra boost to keep going, because you know most people quit around the things you are facing right now.

He even goes as far as visualizing the people who he is competing with while he is facing his struggles. He then asks himself “Would those people quit right now?” The answer is usually yes, and he gets a great boost of energy out of that.

Visualize the hardships of your competition and stay ahead of them. Another way to fuel your fire.

6. Make a plan, work the plan.

Andy Frisella believes in making a plan and sticking to the plan. And when the plan does not work? You change the plan and you work it again. It is really that simple. Still, it is a life lesson which is valuable and important to share.

Make a plan, work the plan.

If you are looking for a mental-toughness plan that will transform you like no other, Andy Frisella actually made one for free. It is ’75 Hard’. It is a program which you execute for 75 days straight without cheating. If you cheat, you must start over again at day 1. You can check out all the information by clicking here and listening to the podcast he did about it.

7. Find your own path

There are always people that are going to talk bad about you and the things you do. There will always be people that criticize you. What is more important, is that you do what you think you should you. Stop being wrapped up in what other people think. Live the life you want to live. Find your own path.

As Andy Frisella stated on a podcast: “When you finally decide to commit fully to that path, you are going to mess up. You are going to make mistakes. Big mistakes. Really bad mistakes. But as long as you are willing to learn and take those as lessons, and you are smart enough to not make the same mistakes over and over again, there is nothing that you can’t do.”

Find your own path and keep hammering.

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