A Guide to a More Balanced Weekend

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Guide to A More Balanced Weekend

A Guide to a More Balanced Weekend

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The weekends. For most people they are great. It means they have more spare time. Which means more time to work on their goals. Or more time to relax. However, most people get these two things out of balance. In this article I will help you avoid the traps and help you to get a more balanced weekend.

The two typical weekends

The most typical weekends come in two forms: the weekend where one works a lot or the weekend where one enjoys a lot of leisure time. Both sound great, when you do not do it every weekend. But in both weekends are some traps.

The work weekend

If you have a weekend where you only focus on your work, your body and mind will not enjoy a good enough reset. Every now and then our body and mind need a reset. This usually happens through escapism: doing something that makes you forget about your own reality. This can be something as simple as watching Netflix or reading a book.

When your body and mind keep running on the weekend, and do not experience escapism, your subconscious will look for it. This means that during the next week you will probably have less focus. And during the boring and mundane tasks your subconscious will start looking for escapism itself. You will more likely grab for your phone during a boring task. Check your social media. And boom, you wasted twenty minutes of your time.

The leisure time weekend

The other type of weekend is the weekend filled with leisure time. Some ‘Me’ time. This type of weekend can be amazing for resetting your body and mind. You enjoy some escapism and treat yourself well.

But, you already guessed it: there is a trap here as well! To have a weekend full of leisure time every once in a while is fine. However, having it too often can have catastrophic consequences.

A weekend filled with leisure time takes one of the building blocks of your progression away: momentum. When you do not work on your goals on the weekends, you lose the momentum you gained throughout the week. Besides that, a weekend filled with leisure time will make you lazy and feel odd.

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How to have a more balanced weekend

To get the most out of your weekend, it is important to have a more balanced weekend. You want to find the balance between maintaining your momentum and working on your goals, while at the same time also relaxing and getting recharged for the next week.

Try out the next three ways to achieve a more balanced weekend.

1. Only do the work that is important. Do it early.

If you usually fill your weekends with too much work, or maybe even too little, it is a good thing to know what is important enough to do in the weekends.

Prioritize your yearly, monthly, or weekly goals, and look at which goals are important to work on in the weekend. Pick out the most important tasks that need to be done. This are usually tasks that have a direct impact on your end-goal. Besides that, they are often running on momentum.

Momentum is one of those things that can be hard to gain, but easy to lose. Momentum is just like a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts small and rolls really slow, but as time goes by, it grows bigger and rolls faster. That is momentum. You need to maintain that in the weekend with your most important goals.

Do this, once again, by picking out the most important tasks. Do them early in the day. Preferably early in the morning, while everyone around you is still sleeping. This way you can finish up the work that is really important, maintain momentum, and after that enjoy the day and a overall more balanced weekend.

Image of brewing coffee in the weekend.

2. Plan some of your relaxation, but at the same time leave some time-blocks open.

Planning your relaxation might sound weird. It is weekend after all right? “I do not need to plan when I do things in the weekend.” Well, you are wrong. And here is why: planning will help you to have a more balanced weekend.

Planning some of your relaxation in the weekend makes sure you actually relax and do stuff that recharges you.

Besides that, planning some of your relaxation also provides boundaries: you do not go overboard with the amount of time you are relaxing, because you have planned some of it out.

However, it is really important that you leave some time-blocks open in your weekend at the same time. I would suggest to do that later in the afternoon or in the evening. Why? Because this way you can join spontaneous activities with family and friends.

If you have your weekend all planned out, without any open time-blocks, you will not be able to do a lot of spontaneous things. Or, you need to compensate with other things which you have already planned.

Plan some of your relaxation, but at the same time leave some time-blocks open.

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3. Enjoy and appreciate some solitude

During the week you probably got many things going on. You have your job, have to work on your goals, are attending social events, and this list goes on and on and on.

All these things are, hopefully, aligned with something you are aiming for. However, most of the time you are constantly on the go, around other people, and probably not enjoying and appreciating some solitude.

Solitude is really important to experience every now and then. It is peaceful, but at the same time it can give you the opportunity to think. It gives you the opportunity to become more aware of how you feel and where your mind is at.

The weekends are great to experience some solitude. This does not have to be extensively long. It can be just as simple as going for a walk early in the morning, while the people around you are still sleeping.

Enjoying and appreciating some solitude mostly comes down to being aware of where your mind is at while at the same time enjoying the peacefulness. Most of our week we are just going through our days in a sprint. Break that up. Implement some solitude in your weekend. It will not only result in a more balanced weekend, but also in a more balanced state of mind during the next week.

Image of some solitude in the weekend: going on a morning walk.

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