Book Review: Darren Hardy – The Compound Effect

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Book Review: Darren Hardy – The Compound Effect

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Small, uncomfortable, but smart decisions made consistently over a longer period of time will show incredible results. Darren Hardy calls this: ‘The Compound Effect’.

In this article I will review his book ‘The Compound Effect’ and share the most valuable insights that it gave me.

Small, daily steps.

Huge changes in your routines rarely work. It requires a lot of discipline to make a huge change and stick to it. However, you can change your life over time by using the power of small, daily steps and create a routine that builds momentum: The Compound Effect. When you are working on your goal, or formulating a new goal, you should immediately turn it into a daily habit. For example: if you want to run more, start by running every day for 15 minutes instead of running for an hour two times a week. If you want to become a writer, start writing 250 words a day in stead of sitting down once a week for hours and hours.

Graph of The Compound Effect.

It is important that you can create a routine which you can stick to. This way you can build momentum and keep hammering at it. If you create a routine which you cannot stick to, you will most likely lose your momentum.

Momentum is like a snowball which rolls down a hill and gets bigger and bigger. As it gets faster, it picks up more snow, which makes it bigger, which in turn makes it faster. This cycle is also applied to human behavior. So be sure to have momentum on your side by changing something in your daily routine and sticking to it.

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Deploying patience

Deploying patience is crucial when it comes down to The Compound Effect. However, patience does not mean leaning back and doing nothing. Deploying patience means that you keep executing the small, daily choices, but at the same time you do not expect immediate results. When you start to expect immediate results from small, daily choices, you will be disappointed. But, in the long run all of those small, daily choices will have a huge impact. Just like the snowball that keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Picture about being patience.

So, keep executing the small, daily steps and deploy patience at the same time. You will get great gratification from applying The Compound Effect. You just need hammer at it long enough before you experience it.

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