Five ways to develop skills

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Five Ways to Develop Skills

Five ways to develop skills

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If you develop skills you are faced with a mix of things: joy, progression, gratification, plateaus and also a lot of frustration. This is something you have probably already experienced, and you might even be stuck on a plateau right now. In this article I will help you out by explaining five ways to develop skills.

1. Set goals

Before you develop skills, current or new ones, it is important that you set goals. What do you actually want to be able to do with the skills? What means mastering this current skill?

When you set goals, you make things more measurable. Besides that, it allows you to work towards something while at the same time being able to reflect on the process.

2. Reverse engineer how other people mastered it.

If you want to become better at a skill I would recommend you look around for other people who have already mastered that particular skill.

Reverse engineer how they achieved mastery. Write down all the things they did to achieve the mastery of the skill. Then, start executing. Start with the actions you can already do right now. Work your way up from there.

If you do your research well on how other people mastered the skill, you will also learn about the bumps in the road which they experienced. Write those down as well. This way, you know how to avoid or combat them.

3. Implement other habits and skills around it.

Implement other habits and skills that you already have around the skill you want to develop (further). When it comes to developing skills there are, most of the time, habits or other skills that can aid the process and progression. So, use that to your advantage.

Your current skillset can aid your future skillset. Try to make a framework of habits and skills that support each other. The best thing about this, is that you already have a few habits that you do consistently. If you link a new skill to that you will be executing that in a consistent way as well.

4. Be creative

When it comes to skills, there have probably been many people who have gone before you that became better through a certain method. I encourage you to be creative at sometimes. Especially when you feel like you hit a plateau in your progression.

Try to break up patterns in the way you develop the skill. Maybe there is an alternative way to develop the skill further that will help you get past a certain plateau. From there on, you can switch back to your normal routine or keep applying the new strategy.

5. Stay consistent.

Last but not least: stay consistent. A word that I have used quite often, maybe too often, in my posts. Yet, it is one of the most important aspects when it comes to becoming better at a skill. Stay consistent and keep hammering.

If you want to learn more about staying consistent at the right stuff and quitting the wrong stuff, please check out the next article I wrote:

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