Make Commuting Meaningful

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Make Commuting Meaningful

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Commuting. Something that is dreaded by most. While at the same time being wasted by most. During commuting you have time which gives you opportunity to do stuff. But, why do most people waste that precious time?


When you are on the road and look around, you will probably see most people do the same thing: useless stuff on their phone. In the train, on the bus, on the sidestep and sometimes even behind the steering wheel. Most of them probably despise commuting to school or work everyday and use some escapism like Social Media to feel more comfortable.

That is such a waste. Commuting usually gives you time to do stuff you do not have time for most of the day. Below I will list some things you could apply to get the most out of commuting and utilize the opportunities it offers.


Commuting is one of the greatest moments in the day to learn. Sounds weird, huh? Learning while you are on the road?! Well, it actually is not. Learning on the road can be done quite easily and effectively.

My favorite way to learn on the road is to listen to a podcast. It is a nice way to listen to a conversation where you can learn things from. The great thing is that it is kind of passive. You do not have to look at your screen or read things, you can just listen along. Listening to audio-books on the road can also be a nice substitute.

Less practical, but if you are not the one behind the steering wheel, you could bring a book with you. Or if that is too much of a burden you can also find a few blogs which you like and read their content during commuting.

If you want to find out how you can acquire more knowledge you can check out this article I wrote about it.

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Journalling is something you probably imagine doing early in the morning or later at night while you are at home. I do the same. But I also found a way to journal during my commute.

A way to journal during commuting is to write in the ‘Notes’ app on your phone. It is an amazing way to write down a mind-dump during your travels from A to B. You can also use it to order your thoughts about things or to go through your plans for the remainder of the day.

By journalling during commuting you are decluttering your mind from everything that goes on. This makes the transition from commuting to an important task much easier. Because you have already decluttered your mind, it will not wander off that much during the next thing you are doing right after commuting.

Try to find your own way in journalling during commuting. You can do this by asking yourself questions, like:
-What do I think most about during commuting?
-Is there something that I should order my thoughts on right now?
-What am I about to do after commuting and how can I make sure my mind will not wander off during that?


Resetting during commuting is a great way to get charged up again for the next thing you are about to face. With resetting I mean taking the time to wind down and relax. This way you recharge yourself for the next task or activity on your list and you will most likely regain your focus of earlier that day.

One of my favorite ways to reset during commuting is to listen to music that I enjoy. This can either be calming and soothing music if I feel rushed or stressed, but it can also be uplifting music if I feel energized and want to maintain that. Music is a great healer and resetter. Use it to your advantage during commuting!

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There are some other things you could do to reset yourself as well during commuting. Doing some deep breathing exercises or some meditation is a way to reset yourself and become aware of yourself, your surroundings and feelings that day. It may give you insights on why you have been a bit stressed out or unfocused. These insights can help you out to better understand yourself and act accordingly the rest of the day.

Maybe there is something else that helps you to reset and recharge yourself. Try it out. Experiment with it and see if it helps you to feel ready to get after it again.

Stop wasting your time

The biggest problem with commuting, is the perspective someone has on it. A lot of people see it as torture and therefor try to ‘escape’ from it, as I mentioned earlier in this blog post. Stop wasting your time during commuting like most people do. Make it meaningful instead.

Know that commuting is one of those transitions during the day you can put to great use. Try the things out that are listed above or experiment with your own ideas. Make commuting meaningful again.

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