Make Commuting Meaningful

May 20, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 4 min read No Comments
Image of commuting

Commuting. Something that is dreaded by most. While at the same time being wasted by most. During commuting you have time which gives you opportunity to do stuff. But, why do most people waste that precious time? Commuting When you […]

The Best Way To Study Successful People

May 13, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 3 min read 2 Comments
Image to study successful people

Successful people, we tend to look up to them. But, how did they achieve their success? What is their story? In this article I will help you out to study successful people. Successful people You probably have a few idols […]

Five ways to develop skills

May 6, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 3 min read No Comments
Five Ways to Develop Skills

If you develop skills you are faced with a mix of things: joy, progression, gratification, plateaus and also a lot of frustration. This is something you have probably already experienced, and you might even be stuck on a plateau right […]

A Guide On How To Build Momentum

April 27, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 5 min read No Comments
A Guide On How To Build Momentum

Momentum. One of the best close friends of many high achievers such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Christiano Ronaldo, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. But what is momentum exactly and how do you build […]

David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me Challenges

April 15, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 10 min read 63 Comments
Image David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me Challenges

‘Can’t Hurt Me’ by David Goggins is a book full of applicable challenges. In this blog, I will summarize all challenges David Goggins wrote down in his book: Bad Hand Challenge The Accountability Mirror Challenge Calloused Mind Challenge Taking Souls […]

Working Long versus Working Hard

April 8, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 4 min read 2 Comments
Working long versus working hard

Worlds like ‘Hustle’ and ‘Grind’ are thrown around on the daily. There are a lot of people showing off with the amount of hours that they work. But what if I told you that is it not about working long, […]

Book Review: James Clear – Atomic Habits

April 1, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 6 min read 1 Comment
Cover of Atomic Habits

How can tiny changes make remarkable results? James Clear explains that in his book, Atomic Habits. This summary will be covering: compound growth, goals and systems, changing habits, the 4 stages of habits, the 4 laws of behavior change and […]