The Best Way To Study Successful People

May 13, 2019 productievekennis 3 min read 2 Comments
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The Best Way To Study Successful People

May 13, 2019 WhatDisciplineMeans 3 min read 2 Comments

Successful people, we tend to look up to them. But, how did they achieve their success? What is their story? In this article I will help you out to study successful people.

Successful people

You probably have a few idols or people you look up to. But, do you actually know how they got there? Most people look at where other people are right now in their life. They do not look at what got them there. They do not know how someone actually became successful.

Successful people are not only a good source of motivation and inspiration, but also a great source of knowledge and perspective. It is really valuable to study successful people and gain all the insights around their process. Studying successful people can help you to improve aspects of your life as well. You can do this by reverse engineering and applying their actions to your situation.

Reverse Engineering

Great news! Studying successful people has never been so easy as it is right now. There are multiple sources which you can use nowadays. Which we, as humans, have never had the opportunity of before.

The best way to study successful people is to first learn as much about them as possible. You can do this by reading their books or biographies, looking for information on Google, and checking out interviews or podcasts on Youtube.

Once you have learned a decent amount about the successful person you want to study, it is time for the most important step: Reverse Engineering. Revisit all the important sources of information about the person you are studying. However, now you study it with one thing in mind: working backwards. You deconstruct the person to reveal where they came from and how they did that.

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Write down all the actions they took to get where they are today. Within no-time you will have a huge list of things they did to achieve their success. By Reverse Engineering people you will gain more insights on their process and you get an immediate overview of what you can do.


After studying a successful person, there is only one thing left. Which is actually the most important thing. Application.

If you followed my advice you will probably have a huge list of actions that the successful person did to achieve their success. Now, it is time for you to select what fits into your vision. Re-write the list. Look at what will work in your situation and prioritize these actions.

Once you have prioritized the actions, it is time to start applying the knowledge you have acquired. Begin with an action that you can apply immediately. Do that for a few weeks. Then evaluate on it. How does it work thus far? Will this work even better if you keep doing it and will the results compound over time? If yes, keep doing it. If not, scrap it.

After applying the first action for a few weeks you can apply another one. The important thing here is to apply the actions in a way that still gives you the opportunity to evaluate. While at the same time giving you the opportunity to make it a habit. If you apply too many actions at once, there is a possibility you will lose your overview on what works and what does not. Besides that, it is also hard to create large amounts of good habits at the same time.

So, study successful people through biographies, Google and Youtube. Then reverse engineer how they achieved their success. Make a list of all their actions and filter that list for your own situation. Execute the actions and evaluate.

I highly advice you read the reviews I wrote about Atomic Habits and The Dip. These articles will help you out with creating new habits, like the actions of the successful people which are going to apply.


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